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Do you need to establish a plan for your funeral? Make your funeral arrangements in advance at O'Donnell Funeral Home, Inc. You can come up with an extensive funeral plan that includes expenses and accommodations for your out of town guests. Since 1953, our 3rd Generation family-owned and operated service has been offering funeral pre-planning services.


You can also make arrangements tax-free irrevocable trusts as well as services for a person who is dying and in need of funeral services. Schedule an appointment with our experienced funeral director at 610-432-8522 or 610-264-0161.

Family-Owned And Operated Funeral Pre-planning Service

Variety of professional pre-planning funeral services

  • Advanced funeral planning

  • Meet with families prior to person dying to discuss funeral service

  • Trusts

  • Military and veteran service

Get wide range of

pre-planning funeral services. Call now.


Rely on our funeral pre-planning experts

Quite recognizable is the fact that one’s passing, whether expected or sudden, lends to a period of confusion and

questions for those who are left behind. Two-fold in nature, funeral preplanning allows you to express your final

wishes in advance and consequently ease the burden for your family in the future.


Kevin, Megan, Daniel, and Connor are professionally trained to assist you in customizing your preplanning experience.

From simply gathering information to planning every detail and fully funding your wishes we are here to guide you.


As with all matters of importance in life making an informed decision is critical.

It is our hope that our preplanning knowledge lays the foundation for your security in knowing that your wishes will be met.


If interested in receiving additional information regarding the benefits of preplanning and prefunding we may be reached directly at either location. We not only thank you in advance for taking a moment to consider this valuable information but also welcome the

opportunity to provide you with the dignified, personal service your family deserves.